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Photography in U.S (2014)

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Our Leading Categories

Wedding Photography


2M Weddings/Year (US only)

High demand for quality wedding photographers is permanent and grows from year to year.

Pets and Animals Photography

Pets and Animals

164M Owned Pets (US only)

There are many narrow photography niches: home pets, horses, wild nature animals and more.

Commercial and Advertising Photography


30M Registered Businesses (US only)

Demand for high-end advertising, products and other commercial shots is rapidly growing in our era of digital media.

Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Real Estate, Architecture

4-5M House Sales/Year (US only)

Breathtaking shots became a must for succesful sales in real estate competitive world.

Portraiture Photography


50M School Students (US only)

Traditionally the biggest photography niche in most countries.

Travel and Adventure Photography

Travel and Adventure

408M Trips/Year (US only)

Travel and adventure photography, as well as extreme activities, aerophotography ans sports, go to the new level.

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